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Secure and complete workplace management

You want to register care with the client easily and safely. But: which devices should you use? Who will install your security policies and perform maintenance? And how do you use it safely? Let us manage your mobile devices remotely and we will deliver secure, fully installed tablets and smartphones. Plus: we teach all your colleagues how to use it!

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Remote support: the best serice you can get

Your organization provides care and you consider this to be your core task. The support of the healthcare professional is partly digital and there is increasingly remote management of your cloud applications. The happiness of healthcare professionals partly depends on the proper functioning of your applications and easy access to the digital work environment.

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Client satisfaction surveys

You want to know if and how you can improve the care provided to your clients. But emails are not answered and with traditional providers you only have the results after six months. That's why we call your clients and give you your results within a month. This way you comply with legislation and regulations and you can continuously improve the care provided to your clients.

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About De Digitale Zorg

Our organization was born from the ambition to configure your devices when implementing software for health care registration. However, managing your devices is a specialization in itself. That is why we serve healthcare organizations without an IT department, so that they can register care with the client at the bedside or kitchen table without any problems. De Digitale Zorg is NEN7510 en ISO27001 certified.

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